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Pencil study for Miles Kelly

The Solar Boat: pencils

medical school skull revised
moonlight monk pshop page
odysseus pic
graphic design 1
graphic design 2

Giza pyramid cutaway: pencil

Giza pyramid cutaway

tut concept drawing opt
mk  concept mephisto opt

Greek Temple models

Chinchorro Mummy

step pyramid

Mastaba cutaway

Pencil sketch: Pyramids of Giza

Colour foundation added

Finished overhead illustration

new giza god page

Cartouche of Khufu

Cartouche of Khafre

Cartouche of Menkaure

Illustrations in colour pencil and gouache

technical drawings and diagrams 1
technical drawings and diagrams 2
technical drawings and diagrams 3
technorail pic opt
technorail ad opt

Mummy illustrations for Miles Kelly